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Memberships – Central Heating Wiring & Controls

Memberships – As time goes by, heating engineers, plumbers, electricians and solar engineers are finding it increasingly difficult to trace manufacturer’s manuals, wiring diagrams and business document templates.

Over the years, we have collated over 2,500 manuals and wiring diagrams for central heating systems, motorised valves, timers, programmable room thermostats, cylinder stats, energy management systems, frost stats and many other types of heating controls to make life easier when your in the field.

We also offer well over 200 everyday document templates which can be adapted for any business to save that costly down time designing and producing your own forms. Whether you require risk assessments, an engineer skills matrix or something as simple a time sheet we we have a template.

We have over 35 years experience in the heating and electrical industries and have decided to make available the information and literature collated over this time.

Members have access to every product on the website as a download so, why not take out one of our memberships and gain immediate access to over 2,500 central heating and controls wiring manuals and wiring diagrams, manufacturers contact details and well over 200 everyday gas industry forms and templates which will certainly make life easier in your everyday business activities.

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What’s Included in Memberships…

A membership will give you immediate access to download over 220 gas business document templates which will help you to run the various aspects of your business whether working for yourself or a larger company. This is an extensive package with documents every gas business should have if it wants to be professional in the eyes of it’s customers and competent to it’s clients and industry bodies. At £149.99 ( £2.88 a week equivalent!!) you can give your company access to a growing library of gas forms, documents, process’s, presentations and manufacturer’s controls manuals not equalled anywhere else on the internet!



> Continually buy expensive engineer documents pads when you can purchase engineer templates here!

> Suffer the pain of putting together risk assessments and method statements  when you can adapt ours?

> Struggle with gas industry recruitment job specs, questions and documentation when we have it here?

> Get stuck with Quality Control documentation when we have lots of forms, procedures and templates?

> Struggle with heating surveys when you can adapt our forms to suit your business?

> Devise your own management documents and templates when you can just download them here?

> Pay for access to heating controls manuals when you can have over 2,500 here for FREE!

> Spend hours writing documents that you can easily tailor from well over 200 here on this website?

If there’s something else you would like to see, please inform us via the contact us page, we are gas people so will always strive to develop our website for you and the benefits of all our members. To take out a membership, click on the button below, why not come and join us today!


Membership – Membership Period and Details

£149.99 provides membership access for a 12 month period (terms and conditions).

Enjoy access to a library of growing information with a further 45 document templates in the pipeline. 

Once you have taken pit a membership you will be sent an email with download links to every document providing you with immediate access to the templates of your choice.

Note * You can cancel your membership at any time or either through Paypal or by requesting us to do it.

Take a membership out and start downloading industry templates