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Human Resources Forms

Human Resources Forms – Click the links below or just scroll to the individual forms in the table below.

Sickness Absence Forms

General Absence Forms

Starters / Leavers Forms

Disciplinary Forms

Other HR Forms



HR Forms Sickness Absence – links to pages

 Sickness Absence Suite Comprising of 12 templates
 Sickness Absence Bradford Points Presentation
 Sickness Absence Return to Work Form
 Sickness Absence Self Certification Form
 Sickness Absence Stage 1 Invite Letter
 Sickness Absence Stage 1 Outcome Letter
 Sickness Absence Stage 2 Invite Letter
 Sickness Absence Stage 2 Outcome Letter
 Sickness Absence Stage 3 Invite Letter
 Sickness Absence Stage 3 Outcome Letter
 Sickness Absence Stage 4 Notice of Appeal
 Sickness Absence Stage 4 Outcome Letter
 Sickness Absence Stage 4 Interview Invite
 Sickness Absence Result of Appeal Letter
 Sickness Absence Short Term Absence Flowchart

HR Forms – General Absence – links to pages

 General Absence First Letter
 General Absence 2nd Letter
 General Absence 3rd Letter
 General Absence All Day Absence Letter
 General Absence Lateness Letter 1
 General Absence Lateness Letter 2
 General Absence Lateness Letter 3

HR Forms – Starters / Leavers Forms – links to pages

 Exit Interview Form
 Next of Kin Contact Details
 Probationary Interview Form
 Training Cost Agreement Form
 Uniform Issue / Return Form
 Working Time Directive Opt Out

HR Forms – Disciplinary – links to pages

 Full set of Disciplinary Letters – Zip File 
 Appeal Result of any Type of Written Warning
 Confirmation of Appeal to Final Written Warning
 Confirmation of Appeal to Potential Dismissal Hearing
 Confirmation of Appeal to Written Warning
 Notice of Disciplinary Hearing
 Notice of Final Written Warning
 Notice of Potential Dismissal Hearing
 Notice of Written Warning
 Potential Dismissal Notice of Appeal Meeting
 Result of Appeal to Potential Dismissal Hearing

HR Forms – Other Templates – links to pages

 Employee Morale Survey Form Standard
 Employee Morale Survey Form Alternative
 Carried Over Holiday Request Form
 Change of Address Form
 Holiday Request Form
 Personal Details Form
 Personal Expenses Claim Form
 Sports Injury Letter
 Managing Time and Actions Presentation
 Personal Training Record Form
 Sexual Harassment Presentation